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We were about to launch an updated Revised Edition of Anne Baring's wonderful book The Dream of the Cosmos: a Quest for the Soul, when the restrictions came into place because of the pandemic.

Thankfully our printers and binders have managed to keep going and have supplied us with the Revised Edition on schedule – our grateful thanks to them all at TJInternational.

Unfortunately our wholesalers have had to close temporarily because of the pandemic so this Revised Edition will only be available through us at this challenging time. As long as our local Post Office is open we will continue to fulfill your orders.

Last but not least, we hope you will still join us in raising your next glass (at home of course) to wish Anne and her best-selling book a new lease of life at a time when the message it carries is needed more than ever out in the world.

The ePub and Kindle versions have also been updated with the 2020 Revised Edition.


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Enormously valuable for anyone who wants to understand the very real benefits of clay in helping children unlock, express and manage difficult feelings and anxieties.


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