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The first new title of 2021

New titles that we were working on had to be put on hold through last year, but thanks to our local Post Office remaining open throughout the restrictions we have continued to fulfill your orders for all other titles. We are grateful to everyone who has continued to buy direct from us or through their local bookshop, we hope you will continue to support us in this way… and here is the first of the new titles… the others will appear as soon as is practical during the year.


"This is such a ground breaking book, in an area shrouded in secrecy, which the author is bringing to the reader in a sensitive and straightforward manner, at a crucial time in the development of our understanding of trauma and society." Sarajane Aris, AFBPS, CPsychol, FRSA

"It is a rare and surprising event when an Englishman writes a book on circumcision. Ian Thorp’s book covers both contemporary aspects of male and female circumcision, including anatomical detail. He opens by considering the human right to genital autonomy and cites the 2012 Helsinki Declaration of the Right to Genital Autonomy. Trained in psychotherapy he has a real insight into the psychological implications of genital cutting. Some will be surprised to learn of the negative psychological effects on the child of such a ‘trivial’ act." Lindsay Watson, author of Unspeakable Mutilations: Circumcised Men Speak Out and That Rather Barbaric Rite: Circumcision in Aotearoa-New Zealand and Polynesia.

"This is a courageous study that lifts the lid on a taboo topic, covering as it does both male and female circumcision. Readers become aware of the immense cultural component built on a factually flimsy foundation and the role of unquestioning acceptance of tradition in perpetuating barbaric practices, especially in relation to young girls."

David Lorimer, Programme Director Scientific and Medical Network and Editor, Paradigm Explorer