About us

We are a small family business trading successfully since 2002 when Hazel Marshall (Editor) and Ian Thorp (Publisher) first got together to bring the transpersonal work of Barbara Somers and Ian Gordon-Brown into publication. As the saying goes, the rest is history, except to say that personally it has been the most exciting and fulfilling part of my life which continues with each day.


Ian is the creative mind behind the business as well as being the first point of contact for new clients and authors. He is passionate about the way our books help people change and evolve and bring meaning and purpose to their lives.


Paula handles all our administrative tasks including the accounts. However, she also has a great understanding of social media and how that can drive and develop our marketing and advertising in the global village.


Our garden and surroundings are teeming with wild life. They are both a distraction and at the same time, an inspiration for our work. A constant reminder of who we really are and our deep connection to the Great Mother.

Our story

The idea for Archive Publishing was born out of a synchronistic meeting at Rock Bank Transpersonal Centre in 1999. Ian Thorp, who had been in design, print and publishing for most of his life was attending a workshop hosted by Hazel Marshall who had been assigned the job of 'archivist' for a collection of some 96 audiotapes, scripts, drawings, as well as her own personal notes. This collection appertained to the transpersonal workshops created and presented by Barbara Somers and Ian Gordon-Brown as they introduced Transpersonal Psychology into the UK following its adoption and recognition in 1968 in the USA.

From this beginning Archive Publishing has now become the leading publisher of transpersonal books within the UK.

The Pioneers:

A comprehensive, explanatory list appears in The Raincloud of Knowable Things as an appendix, however it seems right to name here some of those whose work has contributed directly or in-directly to Transpersonal Psychology as it is known today.
Alfred Adler – Roberto Assagioli – Anne Baring – Josef Breuer – William Dement – Robert Desoille –James Fadiman – Piero Ferrucci – Théodore Flournoy – Michael Fordham – Viktor Frankl – Sigmund Freud – Ian Gordon-Brown – Stanislav Grof – Mark Guillery – Carl Happich – James Hillman – William James – Pierre Marie Félix Janet – Carl Jung – George Kelly – Melanie Klein – Wolfgang Kretschmer – Gottfried Leibniz – Hanscarl Leuner – Hazel Marshall – Abraham Maslow – Franz Anton Mesmer – Arnold Mindell – Jacob Levy Moreno – Michael Murphy – Frederick Myers – Wilder Graves Penfield – Fritz Perls – Dick Price – Ira Progoff – Hermann Rorschach – J. H. Schultz – Barbara Somers – Anthony Sutich – Miles Vitch (apologies to anyone who feels they have been left out)