Journey in Depth: A Transpersonal Perspective

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A Transpersonal Perspective

Authors: Barbara Somers with Ian Gordon-Brown

Series Editor: Hazel Marshall

This book is fundamental to an understanding of Transpersonal psychology, the flowering of a unique British school. It is for every psychotherapist who acknowledges the spiritual dimension. It will give hope for the soul in a materialistic world, point a way to bring the heart to health, inspire the reader and evoke wholeness and trust in life.

It is a book that comes from the source. Barbara Somers and Ian Gordon-Brown spoke its words and drew thousands. The book, based on original tapes, and richly illustrated by Frances Crawford and Ian Thorp, gives the essence of seminars the authors gave at their Centre for Transpersonal Psychology in London to counsellors and psychotherapists in training.

Offering a Transpersonal view, it will appeal to those training in any discipline related to counselling, psychotherapy, healing of the soul, as well as to people who have been practising for many years in these and related fields. It is not only for professionals but also for a wider audience: for all caring and interested individuals who are searching inwardly.


Individual as Seed - The Seed Within - The Seed & Psychology - Trust the Process - The Seed of Potential - Breakthrough - The Wounded Healer.
Roots and Seeds - Rejected Attitudes - Unlived Life - Unresolved Conflicts - Images of Transformation.
The Child in the Adult - What makes your Heart Sing? - The Call of the Self - Rites of Passage - The Healing Wound.
The Mother, Her Image and Archetype - Mother's Place is in the Wrong! - The Good Enough Mother - The Too Loose and the Too Tight Hold.
The Father, His Image and Principle - The Good Enough Father - The Authoritarian - The Absent, Dead or Vanished Father.
Brothers and Sisters and the Family - The Only Child - The Middle Child - The Youngest Child - The Death of a Brother or Sister - The Scapegoat.
Space and Boundaries - Handling Crisis - Spirit of Place - Power in Organisations - Working with People.
The Meaning of Illness - Symptom as Symbol - The Language of the Symptom - Listening - The Place of Gathering - The Wise Woman - The Journey.
Polarities and the Transcendent Function - Paradox - Inner Alchemy - Hubris and Inflation - The Transformative Symbol.
Projection and Collusion - Levels of Projection - Collective Projection - Projection in Organisations.
Archetypal Patterns and Story-Making - The Ancestors - Going Home - The Inner Sanctuary - Rites of Passage - The Therapeutes - Words of Power.
The Dreamer and the Dream - Dreams are Bridges - Synchronicity - Dreams of Death - Nightmares - Transformative dreams - The Beloved Other - The Rainmaker.
Issues of Choice - Awakening - The Garden of Eden - The Prodigal Son - The Grail Quest - The Hero's Journey - The Self Comes Seeking - Way of the Boddhisattva.

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