Parallel Worlds: A Transpersonal Biography

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Parallel Worlds: A Transpersonal Biography

Author: Josephine Sellers

Illustrations: Lisa Dickinson

This book will be of great interest to the general reader and bring inspiration and solace to those who have experienced the unexplainable and extra-ordinary human experiences that cut across our lives from time to time. Initially lost on a bewildering sea of happenings, gradually the whole family adapt to a different way of perceiving life with all it's ups and downs. Eventually having embraced the transpersonal approach to life and therapy the author begins to unravel and make sense of lifetimes full of every human emotion that still seem to impinge on the present. The book will answer many peoples questions about the meaning of life, dreams and visions in their own as well as clients’ stories.

As far back as she could remember Josephine had experienced psychic phenomenon, knew she had lived before and seemed to carry within her a passion for exploring what life is really about. With her husband Brian by her side, their joint curiosity evoked for them a challenging, interesting and sometimes exciting life, but more importantly, they discovered they had led many lives, some of them together upon ancient sites in Dorset and Somerset. They were on a mission this time to rectify and adjust the energies generated by the events of centuries past.

Josephine's story recounts her interactions with what she likes to call 'yesterday's people', some of whom, she had spent past life-times with. They offered her support and reminded her of what she had forgotten. Her journey, explorations and studies led her to know that this forgotten knowledge, though often dormant, is yet still available to all of us and that it is by the turning of our attention back towards the natural world that the magnitude of personal potential can be remembered and realized.

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