Release into the Light: a Continuation of Life and the Soul's Journey

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Release into the Light: a Continuation of Life and the Soul's Journey

Author: Annabel Chaplin

Introduction: Anne Baring

Many people are now unaware they have died, especially those who have experienced a sudden or unexpected curtailment of life. They become trapped, believing themselves to be alive and capable of everyday life; attaching themselves to the living as a source of energy to feed their illusion. The ‘living’ who may be caught up in grief, guilt or any of the other emotions that accompany the death of a loved one, do not realise that their physical or mental health — or both — are suffering as a result.

Annabel Chaplin writes with authenticity and compassion how, through the release of earthbound spirits into ‘the Light’, she has been able to free people suffering from the harmful effects of spirit attachment. She asks that we open ourselves to understanding death not as an ending but as a transition to a greater life beyond. A compelling read, with profound implications for the true nature of reality, and the meaning and purpose of human existence.

— Dr Andrew Powell. Psychiatrist and author of The Ways of the Soul

I love this book. It describes how the author aims to set free the souls of those who have died yet who remain trapped in this world. Beautifully illustrated by stories of people’s encounters with the continuing life of those no longer here, it is full of hope and inspiration. Reading it will bring relief and renewed vision to many, as it does to me.

— Hazel Marshall. Director Rock-Bank Transpersonal Centre

I am so pleased to see this book re-published and available again after a long time — people will soon realise what a gem it is.

— Dr Alan Sanderson. Psychiatrist

I strongly encourage people to read this book and apply its insights to their own life journey.

— David Lorimer. Programme Director Scientific and Medical Network