Seeding the Wind, Volume 2 in the Stellaster Archive

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Seeding the Wind, Volume 2 in the Stellaster Archive

Author: Frances Edington

Seeding The Wind — Volume Two of The Stellaster Archive — takes forward the story begun in Volume One, The Wrath Of Time. Preparations continue for preserving what can be preserved of Stellaster’s treasures ahead of the predicted catastrophe; as it matures, each plan is then put into action. Calthea makes archives of Stellaster’s culture and though she will not live to see her recordings put to use, she hopes that her daughter, who has been entrusted with their care, will. How will the people who call Stellaster home face the coming catastrophe? How will Lord Versain’s team help them to do so? Will their plans for preserving the unique culture of Stellaster prove successful? This latter question is addressed in the final volume of the trilogy: Echoes In The Mists Of Time.

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The Stellaster Archive is an imaginary account of an imaginal world but it addresses a very real question: Why is Mankind so very different from the other species that have evolved on Planet Earth? There can be little doubt that our bodies evolved on Earth — the scientific evidence is too compelling to doubt that — but what of our minds? Might our minds have evolved on a different world? These are the questions posed in this trilogy; the reader is left to make up his or her own mind as to the merits of the proposed solution.

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