Spirituality Creativity Sexuality: The Meaning of Life

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Spirituality Creativity Sexuality: The Meaning of Life

Author: Alan Pickett

Illustrations: Ian Thorp

In our constant search for happiness and the meaning of life is it possible for happiness to be measured or assessed? For some it may mean career success, a comfortable home, wealth, possessions. It may mean enjoying creative activities, such as music, painting, needlework, carpentry, sport and other outdoor pursuits. Yet again, for others it may mean finding a ‘soul-mate’, having children, and ‘living happily ever-after’.
Unfortunately, life often includes periods of boredom, frustration, and feeling trapped or unappreciated. Numerous remedies and therapies are offered. It is thought that people’s problems can be solved by attending any of the talking therapies, and often clients will assume that all their problems will be solved – as if by magic – but some of them will be disappointed.
Through his research and personal experience the author makes a strong case that it is very necessary for us to maintain a balance in our lives. It is the purpose of this book to show how individuation may involve the concepts of creativity and sexuality, which together with spirituality, are essential ingredients in the search for the meaning of life.

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Alan Pickett describes himself as a reluctant RAF navigator, polymer technologist, editor and farmer. Then 27 years ago, he found his true vocation as a Jungian psychotherapist, inspired mainly by transpersonal psychology pioneer, Barbara Somers. From her he learned how illness and health are both affected by the psyche’s influence on the soma or body; and also the profound influence of spirituality on the meaning of life.