The Stellaster Archive Trilogy

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The Stellaster Archive trilogy:

Three volume set, presented in a sleeve and shrinkwrapped.

Author: Frances Edington

Stellaster is, or rather was, the outermost of Sol’s rocky planets; but a prophecy threatens the annihilation of the entire population and thus of its advanced civilisation. THE STELLASTER ARCHIVE tells the story of the final days of that civilisation and the consequences of its demise. The first two volumes of the trilogy, THE WRATH OF TIME and SEEDING THE WIND, describe the nature of the threat and the desperate measures being taken to save a few Stellastrians together with records of their unique culture. Three hundred refugees are sent to Luna for safety; four of them take a tiny spacecraft to witness the maturing of the threat. The third volume, ECHOES IN THE MISTS OF TIME, tells how their journey lasts longer than planned and takes them to Planet Earth where they meet a number of human beings. To their amazement, they find the remnants of their old culture flourishing there. But Earth’s biosphere is now also under threat. Can the Stellastrians help Mankind to deal with the crisis?

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The Stellaster Archive is an imaginary account of an imaginal world but it addresses a very real question: Why is Mankind so very different from the other species that have evolved on Planet Earth? There can be little doubt that our bodies evolved on Earth — the scientific evidence is too compelling to doubt that — but what of our minds? Could our minds have originated on a different planet — on Stellaster perhaps? These are the questions posed in this trilogy; the reader is left to make up his or her own mind as to the merits of the proposed solution.

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Hazel Marshall, Norman Burden, Paula Gwylfai and Ian Thorp have all enjoyed reading this trilogy.