The Wrath of Time, Volume 1 in the Stellaster Archive

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The Wrath of Time, Volume 1 in the Stellaster Archive

Author: Frances Edington

The golden world of Stellaster — outermost of Sol’s rocky planets — circles the sun between the orbits of Jupiter and ocean-covered Mars, and is itself circled by its two moons, lovely rose-pink Verastra and dark, misshapen Meon. Stellaster is one of three biospheres that have evolved within the Solar System; its inhabitants — angels being the dominant species — live in cities and settlements and enjoy a cultured life. But a terrible fate awaits their world, a fate only a few know about; it is the duty of that select few to prepare the world for the impending catastrophe and they have only ten years in which to do so. Heading the small and exclusive team is Lord Versain, the Royal Duke. He has brought together a team of specialists who live in a remote community where they can carry out their vital preparations in secrecy. The Wrath of Time — Volume One of The Stellaster Archive — tells the story of Calthea-Tai, a crystallographer chosen by the Royal Duke to carry out a vital assignment — part of the work of his community. Seeding the Wind — Volume Two of The Stellaster Archive — takes the story forward to its culmination in Volume Three — Echoes In The Mists Of Time.

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The Stellaster Archive is an imaginary account of an imaginal world but it addresses a very real question: Why is Mankind so very different from the other species that have evolved on Planet Earth? There can be little doubt that our bodies evolved on Earth — the scientific evidence is too compelling to doubt that — but what of our minds? Might our minds have evolved on a different world? These are the questions posed in this trilogy; the reader is left to make up his or her own mind as to the merits of the proposed solution.

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