Messages from a Transcendent Dimension

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Messages for our time 1943 –1965

Author: Anne Baring

Illustrator: Thalia Gage


One winter afternoon in New York, February 1943, at the height of the Second World War, my mother, her sister, her sister-in-law, and a close friend, met to talk about the life-and-death struggle that was tearing Europe apart. (My father was serving under General Montgomery, in North Africa). Suddenly, although the windows of the apartment were closed because of the cold, they heard a roar like thunder and the glass door onto the terrace was blown inwards by a powerful blast of air. Lightning flickered all around them although there was no storm. They cried out in terror, and went to shut the door, but suddenly felt a tremendous presence in the room and, falling on their knees, were overcome with awe. Then they heard a voice which told them to write down what they heard.

The voice said: “Be sure of thy spirit as I am the wine and the bread of the One who is above the Fire and the Light and Foremost.” It warned of a future catastrophe for the Earth and humanity if the ways of men did not change and said that this warning should be passed on to anyone who was willing to listen. If enough people could become aware of the danger and respond to the guidance that was trying to reach them, the full force of the catastrophe could be mitigated or even averted.

Filled with grief over the war in Europe, my mother found the courage to ask what they could do to help the suffering world. When should they pray? The answer came: “Pray at the hour of the despair of the Son of Man.” Should they pray in church? “Your church is your immortal soul.” They were told to follow the guidance of their hearts. Only through making space in their lives for listening to the guidance that was trying to reach them from another dimension of reality could they come to a deeper understanding of how they could most effectively help the world. They learned that they were being contacted because they had once been part of the group of women who were close to Jesus during His Mission.

My mother and her friend continued to meet for some twenty-five years to receive further messages. (Her sister moved to another country and her sister-in-law was tragically killed in Italy at the end of the war). The messages warned (in 1944) of the dangers of splitting the atom and interfering with the laws of Nature because of the disintegrative effects this would have on the human psyche and the life of the planet in general. They said that because of the splitting of the atom, each of us was now our brother’s keeper. They also told them to study the early history of Christianity, the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and the Reformation. They were to study how the teaching of Jesus had been distorted or obscured by the Church established in His name. Repeatedly they were urged to follow the thread of guidance that would lead them to something called the ‘Dream of the Water’, and to find their way to the ‘Holy Mountain’. They were also told to look for a mysterious stone ‘buried at the foot of the Tree’.

At first my mother and her friend took these images literally and looked for a place of refuge from the impending catastrophe (whose date was never specified), even spending some time searching for a holy mountain and a tree under which a special stone might be buried. Gradually, it dawned on them that these images were not to be understood literally but were metaphors for a state of being or state of consciousness which they needed to develop within them.

They were told to listen and only to write when the voice was clear. They were sent to the holy places of Europe and beyond, not always together as their lives made it difficult for them to leave their obligations at the same time. But they were told to create links between these places — patterns of light to create a golden web: the triangle of Glastonbury, Mont Saint Michel and Iona; The Aliscamps at Arles with Monte Gargano in southern Italy and Chartres in the north of France; Monségur in south- western France with Montserrat in Spain and Mont Saint Victoire in Provence; Arunachala in southern India with Mounts Kailas and Everest; Ephesus with Pergamum and Crete.

The angel of Chartres appeared to them on the 14th of April, 1943: “I am born of the fire and I protect. Kneel and pray. The Master has sent me to give you comfort and consolation. Divine Love should be so strong that it eliminates the distances and abolishes the classes. The rich should help the poor and the poor will save the rich. No more prejudices and divisions because we are all the servants of God. Pray and you will be consoled. You should wait with your sisters in Christ to receive the light that once showered upon you like the dew of God.ˮ

For many years they struggled to understand how these messages could be transmitted to the world of their time. Given their background and the fact that women were of no consequence in the culture of that time — the 1940’s and 50’s — how could they transmit to others what they had been taught? Who would listen to them? My mother, Thalia, poured her creative energy into her poetry and her paintings. Her French friend, Ninon, pursued her career as a theatre agent. They continued to meet and to receive messages for over twenty-five years. They were reluctant to believe themselves to be messengers when they knew they were not prepared or equipped for such a role. They could see no way in which the messages they had received could “fitˮ with their everyday lives and no way in which they could immediately rise to their level or even share them with friends. There was too big a gap between what they were asked to do and what they were able to do. So they kept them to themselves and a few close friends — all women.

I grew up with these Messages from the age of thirteen and they entered deeply into my soul. Becoming an adult, there seemed to be no way in which I could bring them to the attention of others; no way, in the predominantly materialist culture of that time, that I could even mention them without incurring disbelief and ridicule. When my mother died in 1994, I inherited the notebooks containing these messages and the world has changed sufficiently in the last thirty years (most importantly through the coming of the Internet and the growing voice of women) for me to be able to put many of them into the public domain.

In 1956, when I was twenty-five, having graduated from Oxford University in 1951, my life took an unexpected direction. I was commissioned by an Italian Encyclopaedia of Art in Rome, to travel to India and south-east Asia, to gather photographs of the greatest works of art from the museums of these different countries. These included Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Japan. China was unfortunately out of bounds at that time. This incredible commission hugely expanded my understanding of the history and culture of these countries, introduced me to Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism and gave me a deeper understanding of Christianity. When I returned after a year’s travelling, I wrote my first book, The One Work: A Journey Towards the Self, in which I tried to show how these spiritual traditions carry the same essential message — the need to raise our consciousness to a higher level. 1

However, I could not answer two questions: with all these great spiritual traditions, why was the world perpetually preparing for war? Why were we, the human species, so out of touch with Nature and the cosmos, so unconscious, that we no longer recognised the deeper reality that the world’s religions had tried to connect us with? These questions and my inability to answer them, caused me to fall into a deep depression which, in turn, led me to enter Jungian Analysis and, after many years, to train as a Jungian Analyst myself. This long experience, together with a powerful visionary dream and writing a book on the Goddess, with my friend and fellow analyst, Jules Cashford, led me to answer my two questions and to write a further book which could incorporate the essence and even some of the words of the Messages. 2

The Messages came from a transcendent dimension of the Cosmos, from Jesus (Yeshua), St. Francis and a Persian angelic guide called Asraf or Hazarat. Ninon was my mother’s closest friend who, with my mother sitting next to her, wrote down the words she heard. They never doubted their authenticity. The fact that there exist higher dimensions of the universe and that the universe is peopled by multitudes of conscious beings, may be unfamiliar to many people, yet in older civilisations, their existence was known and accepted and contact with them was maintained by shamans and mystics. In the words of Chris Bache, a close friend, “We are everywhere surrounded by orders of reality beyond reckoning.ˮ 3

Although the language in which the Messages are expressed may seem arcane and strange to the modern reader, they were framed in such a way that their meaning was accessible to my mother and her friend. It soon became obvious that this planet was being closely watched by those who were concerned about the increasing danger it was in through the struggle for supremacy between leaders of nations who were developing ever more powerful nuclear weapons. While the concept of God as “the Fatherˮ may prove problematic to some readers, my mother and her friend would not have been able to assimilate a different concept of God as there was nothing in their experience or education that could have led them to it. I should mention that the concept of reincarnation was familiar to them, so reference to their lives two thousand years ago did not seem strange.

In the 1940’s, living in Washington DC, my mother became interested in Mary Magdalene and began to research what she could discover about her life in the Library of Congress there. This led to her publishing in 1952 a prose-poem called Prelude to Pentecost about the life of Mary, her sister Martha and her brother Lazarus. She would have been thrilled to know about the authentic gospel of Mary Magdalene that has been recently translated (2010) from an ancient Alexandrian Greek text that had been for many centuries, the closely guarded treasure of a Cathar Community in the Languedoc area of south-western France. It is probable that it had been brought to France by Mary Magdalene herself before 50 AD. This was the very area that my mother found herself moving to in 1960, living there until the end of her life in 1994. 4 The title of this unique text was The Gospel of the Beloved Companion. In that gospel, she would have discovered, to her amazement and delight, that Jesus, or Yeshua (his Aramaic name), refers throughout this gospel to the Holy Spirit as his Mother, and that Mary Magdalene was his beloved wife, appointed by him teacher to the disciples just before the Last Supper. She would also have discovered the authentic message of Yeshua that has been so distorted by the Church founded in his name. This newly revealed gospel would have confirmed for her everything that the Messages she had received had tried to impart.

Now, reaching the end of my life, I would like to offer these Messages to whoever might be interested in listening to their dire warnings and their teachings. What they transmitted to my mother and her friend in 1943, is more relevant today than it was eighty years ago since the dangers we face are far greater now. AI technology is racing ahead, urged on by the same male competitive ethos that is driving the further development of nuclear weapons, the dangerous work of gain-of-function laboratories and other technologies which harm the miraculous organism of the human body and interfere with the delicate balance of the planet’s life — all involving the participation of people who do not hold the best interests of the planet at heart. Our survival demands that we relinquish the ongoing rivalry and struggle for power between nations which could destroy the Earth and ourselves with it, and choose the alternative path of love and service of the planet and all the precious orders of life it embraces.

This is a key moment in our evolutionary journey. The choices we make now will determine our future and whether there is a future. The Messages say that if we are to experience the Blessing of the Millennium, we need to end all war and killing now. Women are one half of humanity and, therefore, hold the balance at this crucial time of choice. The power of millions of women, coming together to protect this Sacred Planet, could not only eliminate war but allow us to write a New Story.

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A Final Word

I have brought together these Messages in memory and in love for my mother and love for the Higher Assembly of Beings who watch over the life of this planet. They have been the foundation and the inspiration of all my own work. May they reach those who can assimilate their teaching and take it further. Their words are witness to the fact that we do not live in a dead, insentient universe that is without consciousness, purpose or meaning. On the contrary, we live in a universe that is alive, sentient, full of wonders, peopled with countless beings in higher dimensions, as well as in other galaxies and on other planets — all directed by an evolutionary intention.

Anne Baring


'Messages from a Transcendant Dimension' were channelled from 1943 to 1965, and now printed for the public sometimes has a dated tone, but what impresses and instructs is the unchanging vision of the spiritual nature of humankind, told with loving direction for those who would understand the dangers and choices we face in the still oncoming changes of our Age.

All of Ann's work has been a hymn to the conscious universe, and it is inspirational to read her mother's channellings and see how they found, and flourish in, Ann's great work 'The Dream of the Cosmos, a Quest for the Soul'.

The Messages are an earlier teaching bearing stark warnings of the inevitable demise of a

society and species out of harmony with spirit and the planet. And now the message is just as sharp as it is heard again. The call to wake up to the fragmentation of our creation grows and confirms these Messages, started in a time of war, and heard now in a time of war. A last call ! Always the danger is seen as well as its imminent harmonious possibility of a New Age of Blessing - the challenge is clear and the choice is being made.

Extent: 90 pages

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Illustrations: 1 in b/w

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